Monday, August 10, 2009

We made it to Monday

On my news feed this morning was the report of nine people dying in a helicopter vs.small plane crash in the Hudson River, a 19 year old boy drowning at St. Mary's Glacier near Idaho Springs, eight people dying in a car crash where the driver, a mom, was under the influence of twice the limit of alcohol and marijuana too. She died as well as her child and the three children of her brother as well as three people in the other car that she hit head on as she was driving the wrong way on a Parkway near New York City and last but not least is the grandmother near Ouray who may have been eaten by a bear that she may have been feeding. This is being disputed by her family who are now saying that she would never feed the bears. I saw the pictures of her house and she literally lived in a cage to keep the bears out. She had a large amount of animal feed but that was for her three large dogs in the house.

You can't make this stuff up. We should all be thankful that we made it to Monday.

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