Thursday, August 13, 2009


I know that a lot of people may disagree but I believe that man can be considered a predator. I am sure that there are a lot of big game animals that would agree.

Beyond the natural desire to kill things to eat I think that it goes much further than that. I keep seeing things in my day to day life where when man sees a weakness in a person they have a natural response to attack. Not to offer help or to look toward forgiveness but to actually attack someone who is down or is showing a weakness.

My major addiction is the news. I have tried to stop it but it is so very hard. I have moved to the point where I no longer watch television news but I still listen to NPR and the BBC. The news is full of stories about how man is attacking man because a weakness has been discovered.

I think that we could attribute the economic problems to this as well. Bernie Madoff and others found a weakness in some people, greed, and attacked until the greedy person had given up all of their wealth.

You see it in Iraq and all over the middle east where governments use a perceived religious weakness (or being misinformed) to cause men to kill other men. In the current health care debate some men are using deception to find a weakness in some people to attack the plan or the people proposing the plan.

There is no answer to this dilemma. All we as reasonable men and women can do is to recognize that it exists and to identify it whenever it rears its ugly head.

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