Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Attack Issues and Not People

I caught part of a newscast yesterday that I found very disturbing. They were interviewing people who were opposed to President Obama speaking to the students in school today.

One man commented, "I did not vote for him. I do not support him. And I do not want him to speak to my children in school because they might get the idea that it is OK to have a president like him."

Another person was also talking about the health care proposal and said, "We must do everything in our power to make sure the he does not succeed on any level in order to make it more difficult for him to be elected for a second term. We do not need people like him serving as our president."

Later they interviewed some supporters and most concluded that many of the people opposed to the school speech and improving our health care were just plain racists. The people opposing him were not upset with his actions or ideas but rather were opposed to the fact that we now have a black president.

Laura Bush was interviewed in Europe where she was attending a conference and she gave her unqualified support for Obama speaking to the schools. She had read the transcript of his speech and said that anyone who would deliver a speech encouraging kids to work hard and stay in school should be supported. How enlightened of her.

In my 67 years I have never been so frightened of what is happening. I encourage disagreement and discussion. I encourage people believing in something even if I might not hold the same values. But let's find common ground on issues that we can support and not bring it down to the level of attacking a person.

High clouds forming above the Continental Divide as I am looking out my window this morning. Speaking of divides.

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