Monday, September 28, 2009

Bernie Madoff

My laptop is still down but I have a "Plan B" in place. Cross your fingers that this works for a while at least.

It snowed every day last week. Not real snow but snow if you are from Florida. It came down and created some distance vision issues but it never really stuck to anything. Just in time for the weekend on Saturday the sun came out and it warmed up again. Nice for the most beautiful month in the most beautiful place.

On Wednesday a student came up to me at the end of American Government class in Dillon around 10 pm. He had a copy of the assessment report from Summit County government on a house in Summit County. He asked me to help him buy the house. I immediately thought that he was asking for money but in fact he was asking for advice. The 1972 house is was in a quasi-run down part of the county, it was 750 square feet, three bedrooms on 1/4 acre and they were asking $450,000 (for sale by owner). I told him two things. The house was seriously overpriced and that he should contact a realtor or a mortgage lender for advice. I told him to not buy the house.

This young man is from Mali in West Africa and is married with three children. The look on his face of desperation haunted me all weekend.

All of the crooks in the world are not named Madoff.

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