Saturday, September 5, 2009

Duct Tape

Duct tape is the baling wire of today.

For you younger folk, baling wire was a way of tying a bale of hay together. It came in large spools that you loaded on the baler. There were two spools and each bale was held together with two strands of baling wire. The farmer had to carry wire cutters to open the bale to feed the cattle. The farmer also had to be careful not to leave the wire laying around. We always threw it in the back of the pickup and later we would put it in the scrap pile.

Small bales are now tied with baling twine and a farmer could cut that with a knife still making sure that it was disposed of properly.

Baling wire was what was used to hold entire cars together. Baling wired was used to fix the house and the barn. Baling wire was the duct tape of yesterday. I remember actually welding with baling wire. You could use a regular torch to heat the baling wire and it became a very cheap and hand welding rod to put things together again. I am sure you could find things that I welded with baling wire fifty years ago in Iowa that are still held together and working.

Now try that with baling wire.

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