Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The First Day Of School

Yesterday, the day after Labor Day, is the traditional day that students go back to school. It was that way for probably over one hundred years. Kids got out around Memorial Day at the end of May and went back the day after the first Monday of September commonly called Labor Day.

In case you wondered that is the reason President Obama picked yesterday day to speak to the students about working hard and staying in school. That is the day that students go back to school every fall. Well, maybe not all students.

Because of our resort community we live in a "Disneyland" kind of economy.

Our guests come to our resorts when the kids are not in school. The busiest week is the week between Christmas and New Year's when the kids are not in school. Our busiest weekend is President's Day when the kids get a three day weekend and are not in school Our busiest month is March when kids are off for Spring Break. So we can tell if school is open or not just by looking at the traffic on the highway.

For the past few years the traffic has started to decrease earlier every year. All of a sudden there is a decrease and when we check we find that Douglas County (Castle Rock) schools have started early. Then the traffic will decrease even more and we discover that Denver Public Schools have started early.

I get the feeling that the beginning of the school year in some places is now around the beginning of August.

I know that back in New York schools remain open until almost the Fourth of July but then do not start until September. Here in Summit County the schools started the week before Labor Day.

My personal feeling is that we all know that state law requires 180 days for the students to be in the classroom. With two weeks off for Christmas, Winter Break, Spring Break and all of the other national holidays they need to push the start date back earlier and earlier just to meet the 180 day requirement.

I don't really care that much.

When the kids are in school I have less traffic to contend with each day.

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