Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Secret Vice

I have a secret vice. I have had it now for many years. I doubt that, at this late stage of my life, I will be able to overcome my vice.

I feed my vice at two locations. One is a back ally just off of 28th Street in Boulder behind the Taco Bell/KFC. It is hard to find and that is a good thing because I do not have to worry about being found out. The other location is in the Summit Place Shopping Center in Silverthorne. This one is easier to find which makes hiding my problem even more difficult.

I sometimes will put on my dark sunglasses, hat and overcoat just to keep from being recognized when I visit these locations. I have a lot of fear and trepidation each time I go in to make a buy.

The purveyors of the substance of my vice are normally very young girls. Some are still in high school. Yes, I do get the occasional male but it is a trade run by young, beautiful women.

I know that in a twelve step program the first thing you need to do is admit that you have an addiction. You must say, "I am an alcoholic or I am a drug addict" so I guess the time is ripe that I confess.

My secret vice is eating Snickers Blizzards at Dairy Queen. There I have said it so now the whole world knows.

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