Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I have some students who are Muslim. The Islamic religion is now in the month of Ramadan. Ramadan has a lot of different aspects and I would suggest that you look it up if you are interested. The quick definition is that it a month where those who adhere to Ramadan literally do not put anything in their mouth during daylight hours, from sunrise to sunset.

This includes any food or water. It also includes kissing and smoking cigarettes. Think mouth and think the word no.

I suppose if they wanted to they could get up early and eat, drink and be merry until the sun comes up but I doubt if that is an option considering their age. Getting up very early is not on their mind.

My students are in their early twenties and I can see the anxiety on their faces as the clock moves toward the time of sunset. They are great students and are very normal young people but they are serious about practicing their religion.

I give them credit. In these days where many traditions have fallen by the wayside it is nice to see that some people respect the rituals of their families and their religion.

I was talking about this last night with another group of students and the word "discipline" came up. Imagine if you will the discipline needed to be true to Ramadan.

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