Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I am writing a retrospective on a peer and find it interesting how remembering things about someone else actually stirs up memories of my own life.

We sometimes use our own history to create a template for others. I remember being there at this time. I know that this happened but what was that person doing at that time.

Parallel universes where their life and my life are moving through time at the same pace but in different places.

I have never had a problem writing or doing public speaking. If I type the first word I am off and running and my problem is trying to figure out when and where to stop. The same with public speaking. I currently teach twelve classroom hours a week and I literally talk for twelve hours each week. Even then at the end of class I sometimes feel as if I have not covered everything.

This is the case with the retrospective. What is that magic point where we stop? When does it end? It is not as if it is a eulogy because the person is still alive. A dilemma.

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