Monday, September 14, 2009


We had new snow yesterday above 10,000 feet.

I live at around 9600 feet so it is not far from my yard.

I have lived here for almost 40 years and for the most part the Aspen will turn around September 15 on average. So far the yellow Aspen are few and far between.

It has been a lot warmer this month than we had at the end of August.

I have always thought that September was the very best month in the Colorado high country. It is always warm in the daytime and cold at night creating a virtual, natural air conditioning. Most of the tourists have gone home to go back to school or back to work after their vacations so they miss the very best part of the Colorado year.

Once in a while I will see a large Arrow Bus Lines bus or a Grey Line Bus with "Gapers" looking at the trees. It is never as dramatic as New England or Iowa for that matter but it is a welcome change after the heat of the summer has dried everything out and turned the world brown.

The fire danger right now is "Very High" as compared to all summer when it was "Very Low" due to the daily rain. We need to hope for a lot of early snow to preclude the entire forest going up in flames. Most of our trees are dead because of the Pine Beetle so they are ripe for combustion.

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