Friday, September 11, 2009

What a lot of bunk

Eight years ago today I was sitting at my computer at 6:46 am typing away and watching the Don Imus show on MSNBC out of the corner of my eye. Almost immediately after the first plane hit the World Trade Center they had live coverage.

Don Imus kept talking about how he thought it must be some idiot in a light plane flying out of Teterborough in New Jersey who just lost his or her way.

It was actually several minutes before they announced that it was a commercial passenger aircraft. And then all hell broke loose. I sat glued to the screen as later the second plane flew into the second building. About the same time the report of the plane flying into the pentagon was announced and then the plane that flew into the ground on the farm in Pennsylvania. Some believe that plane was intended for the White House.

Now, eight years later, all of the conspiracy theorists have come forward to try to correct history. That is all a bunch of bunk. They are the same people who do not believe we went to the moon or that the holocaust occurred along with a long list of other major historical events.

I even had a well educated, intelligent student tell the class that the World Trade Center was actually built so it would fall down.

What we need to do is honor the emergency responders, either those who died or those who are still alive and to honor the dead from the crashes both on the ground or in the air. We need to dispel the vicious rumors of all those with highly cranked imaginations about history. They need to spend their time studying the truth.

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