Monday, October 26, 2009

Amateur Night

When I was a police officer we used to call special drinking nights as "Amateur Night."
A night when people who do not normally drink will ten to over imbibe and do stupid things.
These nights are New Years Eve, Super Bowl Sunday, and any lame excuse to party and drink too much.

The same is true with drivers on the highways during and after the first measurable snowfall.

Yesterday coming back from the metro area it was Amateur Night on Interstate 70 westbound.
Lots of white knuckles as people would move over the left lane (formerly the fast lane) and then reduce their speed to twenty miles an hour in a 65 mile per hour zone.

I could see their faces as I would pass them at 65 miles per hour in the right lane (formerly the slow lane).
Faces lit up from the glow the the dash lights. Faces with teeth tightly clenched.
Faces showing sheer terror.
Arms shoved forward in a straight arm position.

As if their expressions could remove the snow.
That would have been nice because in the 81 mile drive home to Breckenridge I did not see one snow plow nor did I see one Colorado State Patrol trooper.
A warm glow of safety.
CDOT takes a holiday.
Must have been Amateur Night for plow drivers.

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