Monday, October 26, 2009

A Beard

When I first went into the New York City Police Department
the old timers would mention "a beard" in their conversations.

Coming from a small town in Iowa
I did not have a clue
as to what they were talking about.

I soon found out that "a Beard" was a cover.

Sometimes a disguise
and sometimes a person.

Probably the most contemporary definition would be
a gay man having a straight woman
available to go to events
to cover the fact that he is gay.

A beard.

Or a lesbian having a straight man available
to take her to parties
or out to dinner
to cover her sexuality.

A beard.

What brought this to mind
is that last night on one of my favorite shows,
"Castle," the lead character
referred to his 17 year old daughter
as his "candy beard."

It was not explained in the show
but I knew immediately what he meant.

He wanted his daughter
to go trick or treating with him
so he could get a lot of candy.

She resisted
as she had a school party to go to
and was not available.

He had no beard.

No beard.

No candy.

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