Saturday, October 17, 2009


There are only four states separating Canada from Mexico in my part of the country. Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico.


Hundreds of miles but just a few borders.

This morning the violence continues in Juarez named one of the three most violent places in the western hemisphere.

The other two are Laredo and Tijuana.

Juarez is only a few hours from where I live.


This morning the violence continues in Pakistan along the border with Afghanistan.


Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan are tribal regions.

There is very little common to the areas.

In Iran and Iraq the only time there has been peace is with a dictator or king (Shah).

All four countries were created by the pen of a British bureaucrat when the British could no longer control the tribal leaders and to appease the Indians who wanted to Islamic citizens to leave India.


No borders.

Some feel the leadership in Afghanistan and Pakistan is illegitimate because their elections were fraudulent.

It was announced yesterday that now the elected leader in Afghanistan will now have to have a runoff election because his total is now less than 50%.

This was a result of pressure from the United States to correct the fraud in the recent election.

This is the same guy we are dying for in Afghanistan and who we have given billions of dollars to in recent years.

This is the same guy who refuses to leave the safety of the capitol because the other areas are not under control or actually under the control of the Taliban.


There was no threat in Iraq but the United States remains in the area after nearly twenty years if you count from Desert Storm following the invasion of Kuwait by Saddam Huissan.

We have now been in Afghanistan for eight years with little or no progress.

The Russians remained for eight years and then left after the effort almost bankrupted their government with no progress.

Osama Ben Laden worked for the United States in those days.

Now the Saudi Arabian government is funding Al qaeda and the Taliban against the United States.

Pakistan has the Atomic Bomb because India has the bomb and India has the bomb because China has the bomb.

Now Al qaeda and the Taliban is fighting the Pakistani government in Pakistan and Pakistan continues to refuse to let the United States have any military in their country.

Keep in mind that the candidate for leadership in Pakistan was assassinated by the previous government to prevent her from running for election.


Now the threat of Al qaeda getting the bomb is a real threat.

So how are we going to protect the bomb when Pakistan refuses to allow us into the country?


Maybe it is time for a do over. Let's ask the British to get out their pen again and make a new map.


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