Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cheetos and the Universe

I walked
to the convenience store
at Farmer's Korner last night
around 9:30
I had this urge
for some Cheetos.

It is
a major addiction
for me.

The store
is exactly 1/2 mile
from my couch.

In the dark.

No moon.

No street lights.

The good news is
that I could see
every star
in the sky.

It was
almost as if
had drawn
the pin points
of light
just for me.

A reminder
that I am
part of something
that is
much larger
all of the stuff
that concerns me
here on the ground.

A young girl
was throwing up
on the ground
in the parking lot
while her boyfriend
was hitting
on the clerk inside.

I am sure
that neither
noticed the stars.

At the end of transaction
the clerk asked me
if I wanted
to donate to a boy
who had died
of Swine Flu

I said no
and silently wondered
what a dead boy
would do
with my money.

It is
too late
for him.

On the way home
I decided to take a shortcut
and in the dark
I found the culvert
going into
a retention pond.

I know now
that I can
stretch my legs
far enough
to cross
the culvert
in the dark.

Near death
all for a lousy bag of Cheetos.

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