Thursday, October 29, 2009

No One Wins

Now comes Harry Reid
to say now that he likes the public option
after opposing it all along.

Now comes
all of the Republicans in Congress
(Except Snow)
saying they will oppose.

Now comes
who just did it
and never asked permission
but turned history
to create
social security.

Now comes
Lyndon Johnson
who faced terrible odds
from Republicans and Democrats
and went ahead
and created Medicare anyway.

Now comes
Nancy Pelosi
who is not happy
with anything.

Now comes
the 90 % of the American Public
that wants to fix
a broken
health care system.

Now comes
the insurance companies
who are now spending millions
opposing any change
while, at the same time,
they are denying
medical care
to their insured.

Now comes
no one winning.

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