Friday, October 2, 2009

On A Cold Morning

My neighbor left very early this morning
towing his drift boat behind his pickup.

I am sure
that he is not going fishing
but equally sure
that he will be hunting for ducks or geese.

He has a much greater resolve than I.

I have spent many years
walking the cold, bare farm ground
hunting pheasants and sometimes dove
but only once did I ever venture out to hunt waterfowl.

Sitting in a blind
at the edge of a lake or a river
is much too daunting to me
just for the very fleeting opportunity
to shoot birds
as they fly in and out of the water.

Bone chilling cold
as the increased humidity level
permeates everything
within a hundred yards of the water.

Hunting on the water flyways
can be equated
to sitting in a ice fishing hut
on a lake
in the middle of the winter.

The cold air
causes a permanent loss
of the brain's reasoning power.

A reasonable person
would remain by the fire
reading a good book.

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