Thursday, October 15, 2009

To Vomit

Last night
Jacklyn announced
to me
and the rest of the American Government class
that she was not feeling well
and she may have to beat a hasty exit
from the room
if her illness
became projectory.

I suggested
that she use the lap
of the young man
next to her just
in case
and of course
she laughed
and he looked shocked.

The class
is three hours long
with a break mid-time.

No more cigarettes
as they are now banned
even in the open areas
in the parking lot
and within
a quick walking distance.

Time to go to the bathroom
or to get a soft drink
and then have
to go to the bathroom again
the immediate
result of the soft drink.

Jacklyn was participating
and laughing as usual
and enjoying
her honored position
of being
the only woman
in the class.

One male student
quipped recently
that CMC
does not stand
for Colorado Mountain College
but Colorado Men's College.

Mid sentence
during the lecture
after the break
I looked up and Jacklyn was gone.

Off to recover and to project.

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