Tuesday, October 13, 2009


is a fear or a phobia
the number 13.

As Pogo would say,
"Friday the thirteenth
came on Tuesday this month."

I like to think
that it is
an irrational fear.

I remember
that many office buildings
in New York
would not have
a thirteenth floor.

I always wondered
if the owners
had paid
for the non-existent floor.

My friend Sarah
works on the thirteenth floor
of an office building
in downtown Denver.

I told her
the story about
the thirteenth floor omission
in New York
and she
had never heard
of such a thing.

Maybe that myth
did not make it
this far west.

In these days of Glen Beck,
Bill O'Reilly
and Ann Coulter
it is a wonder
that all myths
have not
made it
this far west.

The truly sad thing is
that people
still believe
that the number 13
is unlucky
and that
Fox News
tells the truth and is
fair and balanced.

We are going backwards
rather than forward.

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