Thursday, November 12, 2009


The forecast
for the next few days
is calling for snow
on Friday and Saturday
in the Denver area.

Not sure
what it is
for Summit County.

It is November 12
and there is not
a drop of snow
on the ground

As of today
the Breckenridge ski area
is opening
making it
the sixth
to be open
in the state.

Loveland Basin,
Arapahoe Basin,
Copper Mountain
and Wolf Creek
are open according to
the press reports.

I can see snow
above 12,000 feet
on the mountains
around my house
and all of the
ski areas make
man-made snow.

But nothing
on the ground
where I live.

Good thing
I don't want to ski
in my front yard.

It is
the anticipation.

My students
have memorized
every weather report
from anywhere
in the world
and can s
pout the
potential snowfalls.

All of the old tales
about woolly caterpillars
and moss on the trees
and the size of the elk antlers prevail.

Even with all of the forecasts
and rumors of snow,
creating huge anticipation
it is still 65 degrees
at my house
right now.

Not 32.

Not below freezing.

Bright and sunny
and a great day
to ride my bike
but probably not ski.

But it is
the anticipation.

It is about
the what if?

It is about
all of the young people
dreaming dreams
of a major dump
over the weekend.

Let's hope so.

We could
end the

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