Friday, November 27, 2009


Today is commonly known as Black Friday.

I always thought that the black part was about the people who were killed and injured and crushed as they were thrown to the ground at the entrance to department stores in the rush to get in for the bargains.

Not true.

A commentator this morning said it was because it was an opportunity for the retailers to go into the black financially as compared to being in the hole commonly known as red.

I guess this is why we learned colors in kindergarten.

I also learned that today is not the busiest day of the year for shopping.

That is actually Christmas eve day when sales are the strongest.

I had a friend many years ago who owned a gift shop.

He told me once that he did 90% of his annual sales in the month of December so that left the other eleven months to sell the other 10%.

Theoretically he could have closed his doors for eleven months and only lost 10% of his income.

At one time we had two year-round Christmas stores in the county where they only sold Christmas items every day of the year.

I guess with our tourist economy that works and it also fits with our six months of snow.

I think the bears have it right.

This is the very best time of the year to crawl into a cave and take a snooze.

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