Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I don't know
if I should laugh
at conspiracy theorists
or feel sorry for them.

I always
think about
the fear of,
"Things that go bump in the night."

It did not happen
and it will not happen.

Fear is
the true

Either you are fearful
or you are not.

It is hard
to sleep
if you are.

I sleep
like a baby.

I sleep

like a rock.

is a

Just check
the history
of the
price of gold.

The monetary standard
in the entire world
is the American dollar.

Every other currency
is measured against
the dollar.

The value
as it does
with every
other currency.

If people
are telling you
to invest in gold
or to invest
in the value
of the Euro
or the Yen
they are not
telling you the truth.

The only people
who make money
on those deals
are the people
selling those deals
and not you or I.

Sleep well
and don't lay awake
worrying about
things that
go bump in the night
or what someone
told you
on an infomercial
on late night TV.

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