Monday, November 9, 2009


I am almost
70 years old and yet
I still spend
a disproportionate
amount of time
reading, writing and studying
as if
I will be around
to use it
at some point
in the future.

Let's hope so.

I need a break
and sometimes
have to force myself
to get out
from in front
of my two computers
and go outside.

To breathe.

To look
at the
beautiful mountains.

To recenter myself.

This time of year
it is
especially delicious.

I can walk for hours
in any direction
and experience
new stuff,
new sights
even though
I have lived in Colorado
for 40 years.

It is intoxicating.

To breathe
the sharply cold fresh air
that makes my lungs
hurt with pleasure.

To make my eyes squint
to make out the outline
of a deer
or elk
or a bear
in the distance.


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