Tuesday, November 24, 2009


60 Minutes
on Sunday
had a feature
about the cost
of keeping
terminal patients

a dilemma.

a moral
and ethical conflict.

The problem is
that it costs
up to $10,000 a day
just to have
a person
live for a
more days.

It does not
take long
at that rate
to eat up
all of the assets
of the patient
and the family.

The family always
keep them alive.

The patient
normally agrees
to not appear
to have given up hope
for living
in favor
of the family wishes.

I already
have prepared
to not
do anything
if the prognosis
is bleak.

I have a permanent
"Do not resuscitate" order
to save my assets
and my family
from further damage.

The most striking thing
about the
60 Minutes piece
is that
the patients they featured
were all younger than I.

My goodness.

I guess
quitting smoking
over twenty years ago
and running
all those miles
every morning
have paid off.

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