Thursday, November 5, 2009


An interesting number
to come
out of the recent
off-year elections
in New Jersey,
New York, Virginia
and California.

The number one issue
on the minds
of the voters
in the exit polling
was the economy.

Number four
was health care reform.

All we hear
is that the economy
is recovering
and that we need
to reform health care.

That is what
we hear
but that is not reality.

Reality is that
CITI went under
over the weekend.

Hundreds of thousands
of Americans
still do not have jobs.

They can't
feed their children
or make their house payment.

The automobile industry
is still flopping and diving.

Things are not well
in Whoville
and our politicians
in both parties
have yet to realize
the scope of the problem.

They need
to focus
on the real issue
and not the issue
that they would rather consider.

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