Sunday, November 1, 2009


It comes
down to eggs.

Not having
enough eggs.

Enough eggs
to incubate
H1N1 virus
to make enough
for the 300 million
men, women and children
in the United States.

Apparently the technology
for the manufacture of the virus
and vaccine
is over 50 years old
and moves very slowly as many
50 year old things move.

The saving grace
in this whole thing
is that most of the people
coming down with the disease
are under 20 years old.

Boys and girls
who have not built up
a natural resistance
the way us old folks have.

I remember
getting the Hong Kong flu
in 1958
and thought
that I had died.

I guess
that is some comfort
knowing now
that we do not
have enough eggs.

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