Friday, November 20, 2009


Heard a couple of great presentations this week about Archer, Daniels, Midland and Cargill this week.

They are the two top agricultural product producers in the world.

Depending on which side of the dinner table that you are sitting you either love them or hate them.

I am not sure that they are to blame for much as I think people willingly buy and consume their products.

No one has a gun pointed at their head.

About the same time researchers published data that indicated that the mummy's in Egypt had heart disease without the benefit of McDonald's or smoking cigarettes.

They were also able to compare other mummy's in the same grave, family members, and discovered that they all had the same heart disease.

It is a family affliction not caused from diet or lack of exercise.

You are fat and have heart disease because you inherited your bad genes from your folks.

You could be a vegan and spend 24 hours in the gym and still die from a bad heart.

And then even later in the week they published data that indicated that over half of us will be deemed to be obese by 2015.

There are several states that contain the greatest number of obese people.

I will not publish the names of those states to prevent lots of guilt from occurring.

You can look in up yourself but it is a wonder that the bottom half of the country does not fall off into the Gulf of Mexico.

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