Thursday, November 26, 2009


Dr. John Torres
on Denver's Channel 9 News yesterday
that the average person
will gain from seven to twelve pounds today
just from Thanksgiving dinner.

Go to the store
and pick up
a twelve pound turkey
to get an idea
of what
twelve pounds
feels like.

Not to worry though
because it is temporary.

It comes
from excessive salt
and other things
that cause you
to retain water
and other things
that sometimes weigh a lot
like pie and mashed potatoes.

I remember
the famous quote,
"Eat, drink and be merry
for tomorrow we shall die."

Great thought.

Of course
if you believe
the recent movie,
"2012" then to hell with it
and eat and drink
whatever you want
because we are all
going to die anyway.

Matter of fact,
we are all going to die

Some of you
sooner than later.

Exercise helps
to lengthen
your life span.

The first exercise
is the "Table Push" where,
during the meal,
you put both hands
on the edge of the table
and you push away
thereby making
the food
harder to reach.

Just make sure
that the Pumpkin
or Pecan pie
is not within reach
after the push.

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