Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I listened
to an interview
this morning
on the Bob Edwards Show
with Barbara Kingsolver
about her new book,
"The Lacuna."

It is a fictional account
of the period of time
in the twentieth century
and the red scare
in the United States.

It is about how hate
takes over
the minds and hearts
of people
and causes them
to act irrationally.

Barbara Kingsolver
is also famous
for writing
the "Poisonwood Bible"
a few years ago.

And then
Garrison Keillor
this morning
in "A Writer's Almanac "
had a few references
about book burning
in the United States
up to and including
the burning of Harry Potter
books by several churches
in the very recent past.

Hate is
a four letter word.

Hate is not
a family value.

I support the right
for anyone
to ban
any book
from their home.

That is
a basic
American principle.

If I did not support that
then I would be
in favor
of government intervention
in people's personal lives.

I do not
agree with that
and would actively
support the right
of a mother or father
to censor things
in their own home.

But love
is also a
four letter word.

Love is
a family value.

There needs
to be a balance.

Children need
to grow up
knowing love
and that
they are loved.

Children do not
need to grow up
knowing that
it is OK to hate.

"Teach your children well."

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