Monday, November 2, 2009


With the only opponent to Karzai in Afghanistan dropping out of the race the decision has been effectively made for President Obama on what to do with the war.

The President needs to decide to pull out of Afghanistan and not let one more American boy or girl die in defense of what has become a dictatorship.

I do not blame Abdullah Abdullah one bit for deciding to withdraw from the race.

It was a no win situation.

Karzai had refused to make the changes needed for a fair election.

The United Nations elections personnel were attacked recently and many people died.

Alqueda and the Taliban had cranked up the volume to the point where there were attacks daily throughout the country.

Afghanistan is not a country.

Afghanistan is a large group of tribal nations without any central leadership.

The mainstay of the economy is heroin production.

In most of the tribal groups the leading rulers are members of the Taliban.

No country has ever been able to win a war in that region and many have tried including the former Soviet Union who pulled out many years ago when it became unwinnable.

We need to pull out and regroup with a plan that is effective.

I have always liked the idea of having large military bases all over the world with response teams or groups that could act as a world police force.

Go in and take care of business and then leave.

To hell with this nation building stuff.

To try to win the hearts and minds of the people is crazy.

It has not worked in Iraq and it will never work in Afghanistan.

It is not our role to supply our children as cannon fodder.

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