Friday, November 13, 2009


I am a master
in communications
according to
my graduate degree.

It lets me
be a professor.

But I have done
a lot more
in my life.

I listen
to the poets
and writer's
about their experience
and there are
a couple of
common denominators.

One is
driving a taxi
in New York City.

I did that
back in the 1960s.

An interesting
and dangerous job.

Met a lot
of interesting

The other one
is being a bartender.

I did that
on West Colfax
in Denver
in the 1970s
during that period
when I was
almost homeless
and was working
three jobs
just to pay
my bills.

The job was fun
but the customers
were less interesting.

Nothing to write about.

Most people
who hang out
in bars
do not
have a story.

They do not
have a life.

They are
not interesting.

They work
and drink
and that is it.

Not a good story
in the entire pack.

When I tell my story
most people
do not believe me.

To tell the truth
my story is the truth
of many things
shoved into
a lot of life
in many places
doing many things.

I guess
I could lie
and not tell the truth.

Can't do that.

I will leave that
to others
whose stories
are a lie
and made up
of made up stories.


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