Saturday, November 14, 2009


As I grow older
I am less prone
to taking risks.

Just a few years ago
I commuted to Denver
and the Capitol
every day
in rain, sleet and snow.

No more
he says.

No more risks.

No more
skidding my way
to and from Denver.

I will stay
by the fire.

This morning
I was reminded
of the great lyric
from the song
"September Song."

It tells exactly
my frame of mind
this morning
as I watch
the heavy snow
land on my front lawn
for the first time
this year.

"Oh, the days
dwindle down
to a precious few
September, November."

So as the days of 2009
dwindle down
to a precious few
I will embrace
each one
from the
warmth and sanctuary
of my
hearth and home.

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