Friday, November 6, 2009


I was in class
yesterday afternoon
when a news alert
on my computer
from CNN
then from the New York Times
that there had been
a shooting in Texas
resulting in multiple deaths.

I think
that I got a blank stare
on my face
and was thinking,
"Not again."

A three star
Lieutenant General,
the base commander
that there were
three shooters
and one was dead
along with
the civilian police officer
who had killed him.

Several hours later
the same General
that the shooter
was alive,
there was one shooter
and the civilian police officer
was still alive.

After the shock
of the shooting
we have the shock
that the General
in charge of the base
did not know
what was going on.

I have the feeling
that it was
part of
damage control.

How to lessen
the shock
of the event.

Let's say
there were
three shooters
and that
the main shooter
was dead along
with the officer
who killed the shooter
all designed
to make
feel good
even though
it was not true.

The real issue
the dead soldiers,
their families
and the wounded.

Let's keep them
in our hearts
and prayers.

Let's also ask
that the military leadership
closely examine
their comments
and procedures
after this terrible event.

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