Sunday, November 8, 2009


We all know
that time
is relative.

to many things
but still relative.

Every six months
when we go
from Daylight Savings Time
to Standard Time
it creates
a flurry of dissent.

either hate it
or they want it
to occur
at a different time.

I have often thought
that we should do away
with it
but remain on
Daylight Savings Time
year round.

That way
we would get
the alleged benefits
of Daylight Savings Time
but without the adjustment
every six months.

I do not
have a clock
in my bedroom.

The light
in most clocks
keeps me awake.

The ticking
of other clocks
keep me awake.

So what I do
in the middle of the night
is look
toward the eastern horizon
and try to guess
what time it is
during the night.

That works
most of the time
but during the winter
the lights
from the snow making
at the Keystone Resort
can mimic
the sun coming up.

Add that
to the change in time
and I end up
spending a portion
of every night
at the ceiling
in my bedroom.

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