Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I spent four years
in the military
from 1960 to 1964
the Viet Nam era
and am also
a disabled American veteran.

I always smile
and get goose bumps
when someone says to me
"Welcome home"
and "Thank you for your service."

I enlisted
almost fifty years ago
so you would think
that I would get over it.

I would deal with it.

But I am still impacted.

Emotionally moved.

When the men and women
of my father's generation
who served in World War Two
speak or are interviewed
I sometimes start to cry.

Not for myself
but for their sacrifice.

I cried yesterday
as President Obama
spoke at Fort Hood
about the sacrifice
of the victims
of the shooting.

Unless you have
"been there, done that"
you probably do not understand.

I hate war.

I hate death.

I have never supported
our efforts
in Viet Nam,
Iraq or Afghanistan.

But I have always
the women and men
who serve
of the stupid behavior
and decisions
made by politicians.

for my fellow veterans
on this Veteran's Day,
Welcome home
and thank you
for your service.

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