Saturday, November 7, 2009


is one of my
most favorite words.

I use it
when I know
that someone
I am talking to
does not have a clue
as to what I am saying.

actually means
that it flies in
the face of reason
or simply put it
means it does not
make sense.

Another one

Some people
are just naturally

in effect,
put you off.

You sense
that they are a jerk
and hence
they are off-putting.

is a great word.

No one
ever understands
that one.

It means
that it does not
have any credibility.

It is not true.

People are skeptical
about what is being said.

In other words,
it is stupid.

Not a word
but a phrase
that I use
at special times during the day
is cognitive dissonance.

It is
a communications term
that describes
what happens
when you get
too many
conflicting messages
all at the same time.

is how our minds
put things together
and dissonance
is what I call

The greater the conflict,
the more messages
that do not fit,
create noise
so we don't understand
what is being said.

The last one
that I truly love is
over talking.

I see and hear this
several times a day.

It is
where people
feel compelled
to talk
even when
other people are talking.

It can
also be referred to
as "the person who talks the most,
the loudest
and the longest wins" theory.

I like to say
that talking
is like
playing tennis.

The ball
(the conversation)
back and forth
across the court.

When the ball
is on your side
of the net
you talk
and then
you give it up
to the other side
as the ball
to the other side
of the court.

Most of these words
can be used
to describe
the talking heads
and how poorly
they are
at communicating.

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