Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Some people
adamantly feel
that if
you do not
agree with them
you are automatically
about everything.

As a recovering politician
I encounter this
on an
daily basis.

I will
run into people
on the street
or in the store
and they will exclaim
that they
do not like me.

When I ask why
they will bring up
an article or essay
that I wrote in 1987
that they did not like.

I shake my head
in disbelief.

in this day and age
and in this very liberal,
progressive community,
that people like that
are still walking the streets.

I encourage
dissent and disagreement
and welcome
but to base
an opinion
on one thing
written twenty years ago
is beyond
my imagination.

It only reinforces
my reasoning
as to why many people
around the world
do not like Americans.

It is
at times,
our cognitive ablilty
is faulty.

We just
very plainly
do not
make sense.

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