Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Today is
world AIDS Day.

The leaders
in South Africa
have finally agreed
that something
needs to be done
by the government
to inform
the people
of the threat
of AIDS.

One problem in Africa
is that the men
must leave home
in order to work.

They are gone
for many weeks
at a time.

They have sex
with persons with AIDS
and then come home
to visit their families
and spread the disease.

I suppose
the good news
in the rest of the world
is that
with a very expensive
cocktail of drugs
AIDS is now under control.

That and a major effort
to encourage
the use
of condoms
has really helped.

The bad news is
that the cocktail
is very expensive
and not available
to people
without resources.

The people
who most
need help.

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