Saturday, December 26, 2009


Today is Boxing Day in England, Canada and many of the member countries of the British Commonwealth. It is the day set aside to box gifts that were given and to box the things associated with the Christmas Holiday. Today in the upper Midwest of the United States they are celebrating Shoveling Day. It is the day set aside in the United States to shovel the huge amount of snow that has fallen in the past few days. I saw on the news tonight that the storm now covers more than a million square miles. In Colorado the weather folks are talking about the fact that the storm we had a couple of days ago is so large that it is actually spinning back into northeastern Colorado. Then of course the biggest problem is that the naysayers on global warming will once again use a storm as an example that it is not happening. Of course that is not true but we must be careful not to wake them as they are sleeping and dreaming of conspiracies. They might have a heart attack and die on Boxing Day.

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