Wednesday, December 9, 2009


This morning's news
reported that
the surf in Hawaii
this morning
is the highest
ever recorded.

Surf's up.

At the same time
a very severe blizzard
to blow
across the nation
from Utah to Ohio.

Another report
was about
the discovery
of more
thermal vents
in the bottom
of the ocean.

One that
they recently
looked at
was over
twenty stories high
and was spewing
thermal hot water
from far below
the bottom of the ocean.


Makes sense to me.

If we have
hot springs
out of the ground
all over Colorado
then why not
under the sea.

I wonder how
they factor that
into global warming?

I wonder if
the sceptics
will only say
that the reports
were intended
to reinforce
the discussions
on climate change
in Copenhagen.

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