Friday, December 18, 2009


is a week
from today.

Hard to imagine
that another year
has gone
and here we are again.

I stopped
celebrating Christmas
several years ago.

I still believe
in the religious significance
of the holiday
but I can't bring myself
to get into
the commercial aspects
of the whole thing.

I also refuse
to participate in
or to watch sports.

How unamerican can I be?

Both Christmas
and sports
interfere with everyone's
normal lives
and are there only
to benefit children
regardless of their age.

I remember
growing up in Iowa
where the big part
of Christmas
was going to church.

Now that
was always nice.

The same thing
with sports.

The Friday night
high school
football games
were great.

Very enjoyable.

Nothing to do with
multi-million dollar contracts
and people
shooting each other
in bars during
and after the games.

I think
that we have
lost touch
with reality

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