Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I have always been obsessive compulsive. I never do things halfway. It is either all the way or no way.

When I first moved to Colorado, I immediately started skiing every day that I could get to the mountains. It was so bad that I eventually moved to where there were four ski areas so I could ski every day of the week if I wanted to and as many days in the year as possible.

I did the same thing with fly-fishing. I tried to go fly fishing every day that I was not skiing.

Get my point.

I would even fly fish in the dead of the winter.

I remember my good friend Gary Goldsberry and I fly fishing at Cheeseman reservoir south of Denver on a very cold, windy, snowy winter day. To get to the water we had to crawl over some very slippery rocks covered with ice. Then we would stand in the nearly frozen water with our hip waders on casting our flies hoping for a strike.

I have fished with bait and lures all my life and had some days where I did not take anything home. I do not remember one day fly-fishing where I was skunked.

I still remember the great fly shop in Denver run by Jim Poore. He also wrote a great book called, “Matching the Hatch” about cutting open the fish to see what they had been eating and then using a matching fly.

Worked for me.

Another great day was with my good friend Joe Erl Barton and Dick O’Brien up in Grand County on the Colorado. It was a “catch and release” stream so we were not able to keep any fish but I know that I had to have caught over 100 that day.

They say that if we could get all of the world leaders to sit down in the kitchen and have a meal together there would be world peace.

I would like to add getting them to fly fish in Colorado.

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