Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Someone has invented a new way to kill yourself. This is the story as reported by Channel 31 in Denver.

"SUMMIT COUNTY, Colo. - Rescuers and volunteers braved harsh terrain and sub-zero conditions to rescue an injured speed glider on Quandary Peak Sunday.

Speed gliding, also known as speed flying or sky gliding, involves skiing with a small parachute that allows the person to go airborne for short periods of time.

Rescue workers says the victim and a friend had launched from the summit of Quandary, a 14,000 foot peak just south of Breckenridge, Colorado, around 2:00 p.m. with the intention of skiing down the East Ridge, making a turn, and then gliding down to the bottom.

The first man made it, but the second reportedly 'lost wind' and crashed near the top, injuring himself, Anna DeBattiste, spokeswoman for the Summit County Rescue Group, said."

The "Ski Glider" broke both of his legs and would have died but for several hikers on the peak when it happened. It took Search and Rescue eight hours to get him off the peak and to the waiting ambulance.

Cheers to Search and Rescue but a major Boo to these idiots.

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