Saturday, December 12, 2009


The other kind of grass.
The kind you mow.
The kind you don't need a prescription for.
The kind you can't smoke.
Well, you could smoke it but it would taste really bad.
I have grass.
My lawn is covered with grass.
My lawn is not covered with snow.
We virtually have not had any snow the year so far.
Denver has had snow.
Lots of snow.
You can't see their grass.
Their grass is covered with snow.
The NWS is forecasting snow for the high country today and tomorrow.
But they have forecast snow for the high country for the past three weekends and nothing happened.
I think that they need to form a contrarian position.
Announce that it will not snow then surely it will.
Well, at least we could try that because the other thing is not working.

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