Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I teach
Political Science,
American Government,
American History
and Sociology
along with
eight other subjects.

The recent
Senate action
on the Health Care bill
could be used
as a case study
in any or all
of the first four
classes that I teach.

to the Senators
they all want
to take credit
for the vote
and then
they complain
about the
and the deals
that were struck
to insure passage.

and Montana
all got
special "gifts"
in the bill
for their votes.

My advice
to the complainers
is for them
to deal with it.

That is life
in congress.

It has
always been
that way
and it will
always be
that way.

The only
difference today
is the bright
that the media
has placed
on this one issue.

in this world
can take
that kind of scrutiny
without revealing
some defects
in the players
or in the process.

It has something
to do with
the greater good.

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