Sunday, December 20, 2009


The Christmas Holiday
in a mountain ski resort
in Colorado
is not
just one day

The Holiday
normally lasts
for at least
two weeks

and the Holiday has begun.

driving back from Denver
I encountered
double lane traffic

headed west into the mountains.

Cars and vans
laden with
mom, dad, the dog
and tons of stuff
stacked on top
just to spend
a few wonderful days
enjoying the mountains
and what little snow
there is here
in the high country.

When I look
at the faces
of our visitors
they, at times,
look like
they would rather
have stayed home
in front of the television
watching their
favorite football game
rather than
fighting the crowds
at the ski areas
and the
traffic on the roads.

will have
spent thousands
of dollars
just to feel the pain.

Give me
a minute.

I think
I remember
what it means
when someone
pays for pain.

Starts with a M.

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