Wednesday, December 2, 2009


The news
this morning
was filled
right wing conservatives
President Obama
for announcing
the troop buildup
in Afghanistan.

They are pleased
that we are
going to continue
the unwinnable war.

I know
that Obama
is a big fan
of JFK.

made the same mistake
in Viet Nam
and that only cost us
American boys and girls
in a war
we could
never win.

Not that this
is always true
but recently
it was reported
that no member
of the House of Representatives
or the Senate
had any children
in the war.

No investment.

No loss.

It is OK
it is some other person's kid
that is going to die
to support a corrupt dictator
and a war that cannot be won.

To appease
the liberals
Obama gave them
a pull out date
in 2011.

What do you want to bet
that that it will be extended?

We have been
in Afghanistan
for eight years
so far
and the only thing
that has happened
is that things
are worse today
than eight years ago.

the definition of insanity
is to do things
the same way
over and over again
and expect a different result.

The result

will be the same.

We are insane.

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