Sunday, December 6, 2009


This morning's news
on the BBC reported,
"Lesbian Rev. Mary Glasspool
of Baltimore
was elected assistant bishop
of the Diocese of Los Angeles
on Saturday.

She and Bishop Gene Robinson of New Hampshire
are now the
world Anglican fellowship's
only openly gay bishops."

Jesus smiled.

I have been a Christian
since I was ten years old,
for over 57 years so far,
and I applaud this decision.

I graduated from
a Christian College
and a Christian University.

I tell my students
and others
that you can
boil down
being a Christian
to two things.

Love and forgiveness.

God is love
and he sent
his son Jesus
to earth
so that we can
be forgiven.

God decided
that we could never
meet his
high standards
without forgiveness
so that is why
Jesus came to earth.

God loves homosexuals,
lesbians, Muslims,
Buddhists, murderers, rapists
and even Al Qaeda terrorists.

God does not
approve of or condone
what some people
might be doing
but God
loves everyone.

That is
the premise
of being
a Christian.

All of this garbage
that churches keep preaching
is only designed
to create
a lot of guilt
and to keep
the church coffers full.

It has
nothing to do
with God.

It is all
about the business
of running a church.

The shortest verse
in the bible is,
"Jesus wept."

I think of that verse
each time I hear
some self avowed
Christian prophet
talk about
how we are all
going to hell.

I guess they missed the part
about Jesus coming
so we could avoid all of that.

Jesus is smiling
a very big and wide smile.

I welcome
Bishop Glasspool
to her new office.

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