Tuesday, December 15, 2009


A few days ago
a medical student
on vacation
visiting his family in Utah
was exploring a cave
and got stuck.

the opening
he was going through
was very narrow.

To make things worse
he was head down
in the opening.

The rescue crews
worked very hard
to get him loose
and finally succeeded only
to have their rope break
throwing him even further
into the hole.

At that point
they could not
move him at all
and he died.

The family
and the local sheriff
decided to leave him
in the hole
and seal the cave forever.

For some reason
I can't get that
out of my mind.

I remember
a movie in the 1950s
called, "Ace in a Hole"
where a miner was stuck
in the same way.


The rescue attempt
drew so much attention
and took so long
that a carnival set up
near the operations
so that they could
feed off the crowds.

I do not
have a fear
of being underground.

I worked on
the Johnson Bore
of the Eisenhower Tunnel
and the Strantia Springs Water Tunnel
at the Foothills Water Project
and neither bothered me.

Of course
they were 8-20 feet
in diameter
and not up
against my face or chest.

I think that
what strikes me
is more the fact
of being trapped.

Being trapped forever.

Being trapped
where there is l
imited space
and little or no light.

No hope.

Just death.

It is a fear
of being
buried alive.

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