Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I get four weeks off in May between spring and summer semesters. I get one week off in August between summer and fall semesters. And right now I get five weeks off between fall and spring semesters. Five weeks off in the dead of winter. There is something wrong with this picture. Many people spend thousands of dollars to spend a week in Summit County this time of year and I can do it for free. But I no longer partake in winter sports. No skiing, no snow shoeing and no snowmobiling. My winter sport is looking out the window at the snow. I have some books to read but my house is about as clean as it can get. I need to work on my front deck and the trim of the house needs to be painted but those are both warm weather events and not winter projects. During my long May break I have travelled to Mexico, Guatemala and Ecuador to go to school for one to three months. Not the same when Christmas and New Year's falls smack dab in the middle of this break. I guess I can wait. Oh well. The sun will be up soon and I can see if the snow has changed.

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